Hi, my name is

Zachary Salas

My lifelong passion for photography began with my grandmother's Nikon camera, a source of endless fascination during our visits. Borrowing her point-and-shoot camera for a day marked the beginning of my photographic journey, as I eagerly captured the world around me. I even had an impromptu "photoshoot" with my sibling in our backyard, planting the seeds of my love for photography.

Years later, at the age of fourteen, my parents recognized that my enthusiasm had outgrown our family's old camera. That Christmas, I received my very own Nikon point-and-shoot, a gift that opened up new creative possibilities. In 2015, I officially began my journey in photography, and in 2016, I ventured onto Instagram, where I found both inspiration and a platform to share my work. In 2019, my passion for photography experienced a resurgence, and the dream of becoming a professional photographer began to take root. Finally, in March of 2023, I embraced the calling of professional photography, marking a significant milestone in my journey.

In March of 2023, I took the leap and officially embarked on my journey as a professional photographer. This decision marked a significant milestone in my photography career. It was a moment of both excitement and trepidation as I stepped into the world of paid commissions, client collaborations, and the pursuit of turning my passion into a sustainable livelihood. As I continue to hone my craft and navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with being a professional photographer, I look back on my journey from 2015 to the present with immense gratitude. My journey in photography is a humble testament to the enduring power of childhood dreams nurtured by family, and fueled by curiosity. All of that has played crucial roles in shaping me into the photographer I am today. The future holds endless possibilities, and I am eager to capture them one frame at a time.

I took this photo when I was 7 years old